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New York State Summer School of the Arts (NYSSSA), School of Theatre, 2011, 2012, 2013, Playwriting Workshop co-taught with Kia Corthron and Arlene Hutton

Indiana State University, 2006, Linklater Workshop/Vocal Viewpoints

Marietta College, 2005, Vocal Viewpoints and Introduction to Improvisation Workshops

Terre Haute Community Theatre, 2005, Playwriting Workshops during production of The Knife Trick

Western Connecticut State University, 2005, Playwriting Workshop and panel critique

Bloomington Playwrights Project, 2004, Playwriting Workshops during production of The Complaint

The University of Iowa, 2001 – 2004, Playwriting I and II – Beginning and intermediate explorations of action, conflict, event, image, and three act structure for theatre majors - Fall 2003, Spring 2004; Art of the Theatre – Introduction to acting, playwriting, and directing for non-theatre majors – Spring 2003, Spring 2004; Theatre History I and II - Ancients and Moderns (2500 BCE – 1700 CE), Fall 2001, 2002, 2003; and Romantics and Rebels, (Renaissance – Present) Spring 2002, 2003, 2004

Arizona State University, 1998 – 2001, Acting - Beginning and Intermediate Stanislavski and Meisner; Fall 1999, Spring and Fall 2000, Spring 2001; Stage Movement – Beginning and Intermediate Connected Movement, mask work, mime, Psychological Gesture, Viewpoints, stage combat, tumbling; Fall 1998, Spring 1999; Intermediate Voice for the Stage – Linklater vocal production techniques, IPA for Stage Dialects, Vocal Viewpoints; Spring 2000; New Works Collaboration – Based on Marshall W. Mason's collaboration workshop, a paradigm for creating new work from director's theme, through actors' improvisations and table work, through playwright's rendering, toward a new play; Spring 2001; Audition Techniques – Monologues, cold readings, acting for the camera; Fall 2000; Vocal Viewpoints – Workshop



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